Blogging is fun and it led to more writing

I started this blog on a whim 3 years ago today. Mostly to try something new and to teach this old dog a new trick.  It’s been fun.  I learned a lot. The best thing about trying new things is what those “things” can lead to.

I have lots of opinions and have plenty to write about. I discovered that despite a terrible early education as a young child, I wasn’t completely ruined by the public school system of my day.  I can sometimes actually formulate a thought and get it into an electronic post in a somewhat coherent manner.

Overall, I’ve learned my opinions might not be that helpful in the big scheme of things. I am still writing and I’m thankful that by starting this blog I realized I do have stories to tell. Lots of stories. Most are not stories I want to share publicly.

I joined a writing group last fall called “Writing your life story.”  We meet weekly and share our writing. It’s often very personal. We write about our lives. It is a safe space where we support each other and exemplify the meaning of compassion. No judgment allowed, just encouragement, acceptance and kindness.

I am learning so much from this group.  You see, I’m up to 30 years younger than my fellow writing companions. The wisdom these very accomplished seniors have to share is mind-blowing. Maybe I am appreciating these individuals so much, in part, because I lost my own father when I was just 27 years old and up to that point we had never really had a very close relationship. I know he was a brilliant man, a Ph.D. graduate of Columbia University. I only have a few memories of times that he truly mentored me. The most valuable memory was the half day he spent with me when I bought my first SLR Minolta camera when I was in middle school.  He taught me so much in that one afternoon on how to use my camera and how to see the world through a lens. His gift of a photographic eye lives through me to this day. Thank you, dad, for your love of photography.

Ok, see how fast my writing can become personal?  I thank my father for always challenging us. If we would question it, think it, dream it, he would say go for it, prove it can be done.

Okay, back to writing, just not for the general public. I will write for my daughters, my grandchildren and for myself. Here’s to trying new things and challenging ourselves. You won’t know if you can do it unless you try.