Why do I think I’m fat?

“Women 50 years old and older who are less than 28 percent body fat are included in the low body fat category. Having too little body fat could impact muscle function and other body systems.” The Normal Percentage of Body Fat for Women

I’ll say it here, my body fat index is 27%. And I feel like I’m fat and that I have this unsightly gut that I can’t do any thing about. Todays thin tight clingy knit fashions don’t help.

Society has done a great job making me feel horribly terribly conflicted gross about my gut pouch. But medicine says I’m “wtf” below normal.

I feel guilty about my lack of will power to avoid a second serving or sweets.

Doesn’t help that for my first 50 years of life I had undiagnosed Celiac which meant in my younger days my body fat was around 16-20% because I wasn’t absorbing necessary nutrients. Yes, I felt skinny back then but I was also unhealthy.

Damn society for how we treat women.