Welcome back my old friend

I haven’t worn my watch for probably 5 years. I had become so attached to my iPhone I no longer needed or wanted to wear my watch. Now that I’m breaking my addiction of feeling I need to be constantly connected to “that” life, I’m welcoming my old watch back.

The other day I was out gardening. After several hours I realized I was hungry. I wondered if it was lunch time. I reached for my back pocket, but my phone wasn’t there. I’d left it in the house. Of course when I located my phone to check the time (it was past lunchtime), I found myself sitting down and getting sucked into my phone. What were my latest emails, latest news, weather updates, texts, SnapChats, any Instagram posts?

If I was wearing my watch I would have seen it was lunchtime. I would have taken a break to eat, probably have eaten outside and noted what else needed to be done and then returned to my gardening. But no, I wasn’t wearing my watch, so I wasted my time surfing my phone.

Welcome back my old friend. I bet you don’t need cell coverage or wi-fi connection to tell me what time it is. But can you take pictures of garden critters? Dang!